House Cleaning: 5 Things Cleaning Services Don’t Tell You


When you own a house cleaning business your customers may ask you to provide additional services like carpet cleaning, carpet spotting, hard floor care, blind cleaning, power washing and more.

You need to decide how to handle these requests so you can take care of your customers. One thing you DON’T want to say is, "sorry, I don’t provide that service so I can’t help you". Instead, you want to be prepared with a solution. Here are the options you have when your customers request cleaning services that are in addition to general house cleaning:

cleaning company in TorontoProvide the cleaning service yourself. This is the most profitable way to grow your house cleaning business. Many of these services require specialized equipment and training, so they are more profitable than general cleaning services. But before you tell your customer you can provide the service, make sure you are properly trained and have the right equipment.

Subcontract the service to another company. Many house cleaning services will partner up with a professional carpet cleaning company or other service provider and outsource the cleaning to them. You may want to work out a deal with a company you like and negotiate a reduced rate so that you can charge your customer the full rate and make a small profit for managing the service. You’ll then bill the customer and the subcontractor will in turn, bill you.

Give a referral for another service provider. In this case, you would not subcontract the service. Rather, you would give the customer the name of a service provider that you recommend and let them take it from there. Just be sure to refer them to a reputable company since you are the one making the referral – you wouldn’t want to suggest they use a sub-standard service provider. You may also want to make a deal with the other service provider so you can get a referral fee for the recommendation. You can do the same for them if they refer your company for house cleaning services.

Misleading qualifications. Not everyone in a maid or housecleaning service really has the skills to clean. Ask about training before hiring. There are maid services that train their employees long before they are contracted out to clean homes. Look for maid services that train their employees.

cleaning company in TorontoPrice tags are inflated. To clean a four-bedroom, three bath home on a two week schedule is generally between $80 and $100. If you are new at using an agency, however, you might just find that they "pad" the bill by doing what they determine is a deep clean of your home. Wipe out the refrigerator instead of only the handle, move the couch to vacuum under it; these will cost you extra the first time around if you are not careful.

"What? You work for me?" It is unfortunate that some cleaning services have no idea who their employees are. Take care when you hire a cleaning service that their employees are bonded and insured. Make sure you are comfortable about who is entering your home. Cross check the agencies employees and verify identities. Unfortunately there are so many stories about house cleaners coming back and stealing and heaven forbid murders of home owners.

Before hiring any cleaning service check out their credentials. Make sure they know their employees and that those employees have been with the company for at least six months. Check out references of the cleaning company and ask for records on their employees. This may sound harsh, but turnover in the housecleaning business can be up to 70% and security can be an issue.